John Syron is a writer and amateur photographer. John began traveling to our National Parks when he was 18 years old, and 45 years later, he has not stopped. During the course of his life travels, he has also not stopped mentoring teenagers. A 16-year veteran little league coach, he also helps "at-risk" teens canoe The Boundary Waters on their journeys of self-discovery. A student of mysticism, John is a yoga instructor, a 2nd degree reiki master, and an ordained Christian minister. He has had the honor of officiating weddings, ministering baptisms, and assisting at death. More recently, John has begun traveling abroad visiting some of the sacred sites of the world. He is a widower and father of a daughter and son; he is grandfather to a little boy with big ideas. John is a believer in humanity and that each of us has a profound destiny to fulfill. Follow John on Instagram: @zenlifetraveler